When Does the Lack of Sleep is Harmful for Our Health ?
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When Does the Lack of Sleep is Harmful for Our Health ?

You must have heard people saying that sleeping is important... but why ? Is it dangerous for our health ? Can we die from it ? If so, how come ? We'll follow few studies from Europe and the USA to trully understand what is happening when we lack of sleep and what can it cause to us if we don't sleep enough ? We'll also go over some facts that people ignore when they shouldn't.
"Sleeping is already half of your wellness" is a french quote that is often used by doctors. Actually, dctors in general recommend to have between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. If we don't follow these recommendations what are we risking ? When people hear lack of sleep, they think about lack of awareness, memory loss, impaired vision and much more... However none of this is the "real" danger. In reality, lack of sleep becomes prejudicial on the long run. "Sleeping is part of our hygiene" says Karine Spiegel, researcher at the neuro science center of Lyon, France. To neglect your sleep is to eventually be expose to physiopathologic licentiousness or derangement, the same problem if you don't eat enough or don't make any phyisical effort.
What has been stated is worrying especially after studies on 27,000 people have shown that 1 person on 3 has some sleeping disorder and 18% of them sleep less than 6 hours. Some American studies showed that sleeping bellow 7 hours per night raises the risk of dying of a cardio ou cerebral disorder... even of a cancer or diabetes and for the worst case scenario (even though the previously stated ones are also grave), one could die from septicaemia.
Now you may think: But how can I get all those pathological diseases as severe as those previously listed can happpen to me if I lack sleep ? Well the effects from the lack of sleep were studied carefully by neuro-scientists towards american volonteers who were deprieved of sleep for few nights. The obtained pictures of their brains showed sustainable modifications regarding its activity and the structure of the prefrontal and parietal cortex. The hippocampus, the structure of your brain in charge of your memory and the regulation of your emotions is also very influenced by the lack of sleep.
Among the rats, it has been prooved that after few short nights, new neurones (created by the Hippocampus) had lower a lot. Also, animals tested with memory tasks were doing worst than usual when lacking sleep. Well for the human being it's the same, we have memory loss, our awareness is weak, we have a harder time doing things we use to do easily, etc...
Note: If you think that you can lack sleep during the week and recover during the week, you are wrong. Lack of sleep is a long term problem, once you start having some you'll have to recover for some time before getting back on track.

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