Strategies To Go to Bed & Waking Early
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Strategies To Go to Bed & Waking Early

Here are a few steps to help you go to bed early and get enough of the amount of rest you deserve to get for the next big day. Whatever you are doing in life, you should be well rested for it. It is important to be motivated, get enough sleep, and pop out of the bed. It is also essential to know the consequences if you do not get enough sleep for tomorrow. Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

1. Have a Reason to Wake Up

The best mechanism anybody can have to go to bed early is to have a good reason to get up the following morning. Motivation can be the strongest force an individual has to go to bed early when they are supposed to. Always knowing that you have to wake up in the morning for important business deeds to be done is crucial for waking and sleeping strategies. Focusing is one of the greatest attributes to human strategy.

Write reasons down you have to do tomorrow before you go to sleep. As long as it is clear why you will be waking up in the morning, then that should be motivation enough for going to bed early.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Forget tomorrow. Forget the rest of the day. Today is over, so the only thing you should focus on is getting enough sleep for tomorrow. Go to bed at least eight or nine hours before you have to wake up. Go to bed eight or nine hours before your alarm clock is set to ring. And always make sure you have enough time to get up and get prepared for your destination. Sleep, relax, and clear your mind, body, and spirit. Copping enough sleep coincides with going to bed along with waking up early.

3. Pop Out of Sleep

Jump awake. Jump out of bed. This really helps your case. I can testament to having success jumping out of bed in the morning even when I was tired. Times when I had a very important exam, jumping out of bed was very potent for me getting to class punctual and ready. Getting out of bed kills your laziness and begins to get the blood flowing. Also, the blood gets to flowing back into your veins. Adrenaline is revived.

4. What are the Consequences for Oversleeping?

What are the consequences if you oversleep? What are the consequences if you are not well rested? These should be motivators for you to get enough rest for the day. Ask yourself these questions even before you doze off to sleep. This can be important to knowing your ultimatums; do the pros outweigh the cons?

Waking up to a tasteful breakfast meal won't hurt either. Prepare a meal that you are certain will arouse your taste buds. Look forward to waking up for the personal reasons you have set up for yourself. Sleep will help you be prepared for those reasons. Sleep. Remember to relax, and not let the bed bugs bite. Good night.

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Comments (1)

Good to know, but I wouldn't recommend the "pop out of sleep" for more mature adults--that's more for kids.  The older one gets, the more sensible it is to wake slowly, orient oneself, and then proceed at the pace best for that particular individual.  Older bodies can cramp, stiffen, and ultimately keep you in bed even longer.