Sleep Problems Are Mostly Man-made
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Sleep Problems Are Mostly Man-made

Sleep deprivation has serious health consequences. When a person is suffering from sleep loss, accidents are common. people do everything possible to upset the biological clock. Staying up late at night is bad. Even worse is the habit of watching TV late into the night. Irregular eating habits do not help the cause of sleep. Inactive lifestyle also hinders going to sleep.

This incident happened last year. A Canadian copilot was taking a long nap during a flight from Toronto to Zurich. Suddenly he woke up and saw a distant bright light and he mistook it for an approaching aircraft. To avoid a collision, he put the plane on a steep dive. The captain of the flight immediately made the required correction and brought things under control. During that dive, sixteen people sustained minor injuries. The copilot had actually mistaken planet venus for another aircraft. This is exactly what a tired body and mind deprived of sleep could produce.

Sleep Loss is man-made

While sleep loss is on the increase, the causes are all usually man-made. We do everything possible to upset the biological clock. We stay up late at night hours, we party late and drink a lot. Being awake at night is not a problem, but we do so in the presence of some light or other. Usually, it is the TV or, the computer which provides the light. Light inhibits sleep. This is achieved by blocking the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin from the brain. All these things are sleep killers.

It is Difficult to Compensate Sleep Loss

People assume that they could always compensate by sleeping later. This is virtually impossible because things do not work that way. It takes several days or, even weeks to compensate the loss of a few hours of sleep. We keep swallowing caffeinated beverages including soft drinks, many of which contain caffeine about which many people are unaware of. We tend to have our food at strange hours. To put it mildly, nothing we do now-a-days is in tune with the biological clock.

Sleep Only at Night

There are two important things one has to do if normal sleep is to be achieved. The first thing is to avoid napping as far as possible. This is particularly true with respect to the afternoon period when almost everyone feels drowsy. Every minute spent in napping would cut into your sleep time at night. The idea is to become alert and keep awake during afternoons. Of course, this is easier said than done. There are two simple ways of achieving this. One method is to sip cold water which increases alertness. Another method is to get some exposure to sunlight. The blue radiations in sunlight increase alertness. The best way of doing this is to work near some window. This is also the reason why we are told to avoid any kind of blue light in the bedroom at night.

Be Physically Active and Become Tired

There is yet another factor hindering normal sleep. It is being sedentary. A tired body welcomes sleep with ease. Activity makes your body tired. On the other hand, inactivity kills both your brain and sleep. Of course, it is always better not to carry your physical activities close to the bedtime.

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