Sleep: A Missing Ingredient in Life
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Sleep: A Missing Ingredient in Life

an article about sleep.

The world today is corrupted with noise and non-stop movement. At 4:00 AM, we can still be up with millions of other people on Twitter or Facebok still communicating despite the late hours. People continue to work all throughout the day, and long into the late night hours. High school seniors are expected to maintain perfect GPA's if they have the slightest prayer of getting into the ivy coverered college of their choice. Late night studying keeps people running on coffee and energy drinks or little or nothing at all. This behavior is not beneficial for our bodies in the short or long run in life.

When we do finally crash into the beds, minds are still racing about spreadsheets, and grocery lists. Crying, sick babies and toddlers with fevers are keeping parents, especially moms up until perhaps the first traces of beginning sunlight. People in every age group cannot seem to get a blissful amount of sleep because of the aches and pains that come from day to day pain and stress on the human body. If we keep tossing and turning we flip over and blast the radio with talk radio that can take hold of one's already busy mind that allows sleep easily slip away into nothing. Sleep is the one element, some people need even more than dollars and cents that we are always and constantly running low on. We need to take real time to invest in good and productive sleep patterns for life.

Sleep meds and aids is a billion-dollar industry that many people choose to turn to just so they can get a decent shot at some sleep. We make time to work, play, and even pray, we need to make time in our lives to get the proper amount of it takes not only to survive but to also enjoy life, and thrive. If we are constant in a state of sleepiness we can become careless and make mistakes that can affect other human lives and living things. Sleep or lack thereof, can affect more than the person themselves. The effects of others can cause chain reactions of negativity in the world.

Lack of sleep can cause a shift in rational thinking and can affect a person's mental ability, and can make an intellegent person otherwise make very poor decisions. When people ingest large amounts of caffiene it can result in a negative result for the person's nervous system.

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Comments (4)

Yes very true this is a very important statement that we should be afraid of "shift in rational thinking and can affect a person

Ranked #28 in Sleep

Sleep is definitely a gift, thank you!~

Ranked #33 in Sleep

Sleep is one necessary gift some of us often neglect in our hustle for wealth. Thanks Shirley for the timely sharing.

Tell me about it - I never get enough lol