Skip The Pills - How to Get a Night of Great Sleep
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Skip The Pills - How to Get a Night of Great Sleep

How to get a great night sleep, the safe and natural way. Explore the reasons why you may not be getting healthy, restorative sleep at night and how you can often times easily remedy those reasons with a basic change of your daily habits or with the use of natural herbs such as Melatonin.

If you're like millions of others in the world, chances are you may not get as much, or as high of a quality of sleep you would like each night. There are more than likely numerous reasons for this, and in this article we'll explain just a few to get the ball rolling.

We will start with the most important, and often overlooked factors that can inhibit a great night sleep:

  • Diet & Exercise - This is so important! Technology makes our lives easier and easier each day, but unfortuntately, it also makes us alot lazier. Many people work long hours sitting behind a desk, or in an otherwise idle position, which means your body isnt really using up much energy throughout the day. Make sure you get up periodically and take a brief walk to help regulate your metabolism throughout the day - your body will thank you later!
  • Caffeine - Coffee, tea, iced tea, soda, red bull, sports drinks; these are all very commonly consumed mega sources of caffeine. Most people dont really realize the amount of caffeine thats ingested into their bodies on a daily basis, a great start to a good nights sleep is curbing and measuring your caffeine intake throughout the day. As touched on earlier, if you're sitting at a desk drinking coffee all day, you really dont have to wonder why your body may not be ready to sleep at night!
  • Stress - Mental well being is just as, perhaps even more important than physical shape. If you're constantly worried about overstacked bills, or relatonship stress, it very well may cause you to toss and turn at night. These things dont go away overnight, or by simply worrying! Resolve these problems during the day, then go for a walk to clear your mind for the night before bed. As the saying goes; its all mind over matter.
  • Sleeping Pills - SLEEPING PILLS MAKE IT HARDER FOR YOU TO SLEEP! Simply put, theres no alternative to natural, restorative sleep for your body. Using chemicals to regulate your sleep schedule will only cause further disruption and may eventually lead to a dangerous and lethal addiciton to sleep aids. The last thing you need is a dependency on medication to solve your problems!

Often times a great night sleep can be achieved by combating the common problems outlined above. If needed, a natural, organic sleep aid to consider would be Melatonin, which is available at most health food or drug stores. Or, theres always those old sheep...

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