Natural Ways to Stay Awake
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Natural Ways to Stay Awake

12 ways to stay awake naturally.

Whether you’re a student studying for his exams or an employee preparing a long presentation, when you have to stay awake till late nights, you’ll probably have to take a cup of coffee. Staying awake naturally is just too difficult for some people. Most people have to depend on cups and cups and coffee to remain alert. But the caffeine contained in the coffee is very harmful for health as it directly affects your heart. However, most people cannot stop pouring in coffee due to their busy work schedule.

But there are some ways you can apply even to your busy schedule, so that you can remove fatigue and stay alert, without coffee or any other drugs. The tips listed here might sound simple but they really help you to stay awake naturally.

1. Get enough sleep. The best way to stay awake when you require it is to get enough sleep when you’re free. Unless you get enough sleep, you’ll easily get fatigued under the stress from your work.

2. Take a light diet. If you know you’ve to stay awake, take a light diet in the mealtime. Taking a heavy diet makes your digestive system do extra work thus making you tired.

3. Take deep breaths. If you feel sleepy when you’re not supposed to, begin taking deep breaths. Taking in enough oxygen helps remove fatigue.

4. Light exercise. Do some light exercise each day. This keeps your body and mind active and fresh.

5. Wash your face with cold water. Every hour or so, get away from your work and wash your face with cold water. It helps refresh you.

6. Entertain yourself. Watch some funny video clips or photos. Or read some really funny jokes. This really keeps you alert.

7. Walk. Walk around in your room, office or house, after every two hours of work or study. Dong this gives you some break plus it refreshes you mind.

8. Proper ventilation. Make sure the room you work in receives plenty of fresh air. Open the windows, or use an air conditioner.

9. Have a conversation. Having a conversation keeps the mind alert for some hours. You could have a brief conversation with your coworker or with some friends on the phone, to keep yourself free from fatigue.

10. Drink enough water. Water helps lessen fatigue. Also, it makes sure you go to the bathroom, so you get a break.

11. Take power naps. Take short naps lasting from 6 to 10 minutes to relieve you from fatigue. However, use a vibrating alarm clock. Also, don’t nap during work hours. You could get into trouble.

12. Vacations. Take vacations regularly. Doing this will prevent on developing too much stress on you.

These simple ways will help you stay awake naturally if you implement these into your busy schedules. While a cup of coffee may keep you awake, it’s not healthy for you. Also, the above mentioned tips can keep you awake as or even more effectively as caffeine can.

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Comments (5)

great article


Thanks for sharing; I prefer natural remedies; good information.

Ranked #61 in Sleep

Good information. I like the natural remedies too.

Ranked #8 in Sleep

Thanks for sharing these tips. Helpful!

Ranked #39 in Sleep

Nap between working hours helps you stay awake. There is a little acupressure therapy which I apply to keep fatigue away. It is applying finger pressure at the upper parts of ring and little finger of both hands. It really helps!