Interesting Facts About Dreams
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Interesting Facts About Dreams

A list of nteresting facts about human sleep and dreams. You will learn about who can dream, what happens during our sleep both in our mind and our body, what dreams mean, how many dreams we have during our life, how dreams are interpreted. What causes nightmares and what is a false awake.

Every single person dreams. Some people remember their dreams after waking up, some don't. Here is a list of interesting facts about dreams and dreaming.

  • Everyone dreams. Both men and women dream, but men dream more about men whilst women dream equally of men and women. Men and women have different reactions though.
  • You forget about 90% of your dreams. Actually, within 5 minutes of waking you have already forgotten 50% of your dreams, but it takes 5 more minutes to forget nearly all your dreams. 
  • Blind people also dream. People who became blind during their life dream just like a normal person, while people who were born blind have dreams involving other senses, like smell, sound or touch.
  • We dream of what we know. We see numerous faces of people we don't know or remember, but we've seen their faces in our life at least once. Maybe this has happened years ago or when we were young. Our mind won't create new faces, but taking a walk in the park will provide our brain with millions of pictures to use.
  • Dreams speak in a symbolic language. When you dream of something, it is often a symbol of something else.
  • Your body is paralysed while sleeping. That is caused to prevent your body from acting out what you are dreaming.
  • You don't snore and dream at the same time.
  • People have more nightmares when they are around 6-8 years old.
  • Not everyone dreams in colors. Around 10% of the population dream in black and white.
  • You usually dream of common things, like school, arriving too late, sexual experiences.
  • The average person has about 1.500 dreams a year.
  • Most people dream every 90 minutes. The longest dreams occur in the morning.
  • The brain waves that occur during REM (rapid eye movement) period are found in mammals, birds and reptiles but not in fish.
  • In ancient Greece, dreams were supposed to be messages from the Gods.
  • The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology.
  • Staying up until late can give you more nightmares.
  • Men are more likely than women to dream about sex.
  • You can false awake, which means you awake from dreams within your dreams.

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