How To Get Natural Sleep: Top 10 Methods Without Sleeping Pills
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How To Get Natural Sleep: Top 10 Methods Without Sleeping Pills

10 natural sleep aids so you can have a comfortable bedtime. Natural sleep with these aids is better for your health than sleeping pills.

Even people who generally sleep well have a night or two when it is difficult to fall asleep. For the individuals who now rely on sleeping pills these natural sleep methods can replace those sleep aids too. Natural sleep aids provide a sleep cure, yet can prove to not be as good as natural sleep using these insomnia aids.

1.  Exercise routines should be scheduled at least two hours before bedtime. A calm walk in fresh air will actually benefit health and encourage the body to relax and sleep, however extensive or rigorous activities should be moved to earlier in the evening.

2.  An abundance of fluids prior to bedtime can disturb sleep in many ways. Intake of liquids at night most often require elimination during sleeping times therefore disrupting natural sleep patterns. Alcohol is sometimes a diuretic causing that same body function to occur.

3.  Stress might just be one of the top causes for sleep problems. It is not just what is on your mind, but can be compounded with the knowledge of needing to get to sleep for work or other obligations that makes it difficult to fall asleep.

4.  Food stays in the stomach 4 to 6 hours after eating while it is being digested. With that information food or the amount of food can create insomnia. Eating a large meal in the evening is routine for many families. The usual mealtime seems to be a late affair as well. Moving the main or larger meal to the middle of the day and making the dinner the lighter could cure insomnia. Determine which foods prevent you from relaxing and prevent you from falling asleep and then eliminate them in the later hours. Caffeine is in many unusual food products so learn where that ingredient is hiding to keep you away from good sleep.

5.  Patterns have been documented by doctors when patients are asked or complain about inability to fall asleep night after night rendering a definite format acquired. Do your own study and write in a journal the times you have been plagued with insomnia. Locate the culprits either one at a time or collectively.

6.  Prepare your sleeping area for bedtime. For some it might be a soothing natural sound of a nature CD playing while others it is a correct environmental temperature. Consider if the garbage man comes at 5 AM near your bedroom window on Tuesday; close that window to provide a natural sleep aid.

7. The mind stays busy for more than 16 hours a day,so give it a break at bedtime. Write your plans out so you don't need to rehash them as you lay in your bed. Sleep problems can be averted when your mind is clear of mostly all that is keeping you from sleep.

8.  Chores are needed to keep the environment reasonably healthy and neat to live. Create a list of these so you will have a plan of how to get them done without thinking of them while in bed trying to sleep. 

9.  Pain can prevent good sleep and has been attributed to chronic insomnia citing discomfort from head to feet. Insert body pillows, rolled up towels, heating pads, warm rice packs or other natural sleep aids to naturally reduce pain so bedtime will be without pain and include sleep.

10. Neighborhood noises cannot always be quieted for restful sleep. Buy ear plugs to hush the sounds that prevent natural sleep. There are several kinds that limit noises to ones that completely block out sounds, so pick your natural sleep aid without choosing sleeping pills.

Photograph:  Spring tulips courtesy Vern Waley

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Comments (20)

Very good info.

helpful information. I agree, one must take a light meal 2 hours before retiring 2 bed.

Great information on falling asleep naturally.

I cannot even begin to think of the words to say thank you for sharing this extremely useful information. I just know that it will be of use to many people.

Ranked #1 in Sleep

good article, I have a huge series here on sleep.

I wonder why cats never have trouble sleeping? They sleep something like 16-20 hours a day. Ever see an insomniac cat? Must be something in their metabolism.

This will surely be helpful to many who suffer from insomnia - without having to incur the side effects of sleep medication. (Also, good question, William! Perhaps cats don't have too much to worry, sleep, purr...repeat...)

A great natural issue on sleep, exercises are great, thanks Roberta.

excellent tips on natural, drug-free sleep. voted up!

Ranked #3 in Sleep

I love this. Noted and voted up! I need good sleep and I'll follow what you wrote here..

Returning with your daily vote.

Good info. I didnt know there are different kinds of ear plugs, I thought they were all the same. I will check that out as I sometimes have noisy neighbors.

Ranked #33 in Sleep

A most exceptional and well timed article. Tips well noted; and thanks for the share.

I'll try to remember all of your great suggestions.

Another great article, Roberta. Your article is a thorough examination of a very common ailment. Excellent advice.

Excellent article. Good info for those that take sleeping pills. Voted up.

Ranked #33 in Sleep

Returning for a ..........the article deserves one.

Ranked #33 in Sleep

Sorry...not yet time over here in Nigeria. Give me some couple of hours Madam.

Ranked #33 in Sleep


this is great advises. I have a friend who cannot sleep without alprazolam. One time we went on a trip, and she forgot her stash. Three days without it made her look like she was about to have an emotional meltdown