How Can You Make Yourself Sleep Early?
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How Can You Make Yourself Sleep Early?

If you have difficulty in sleeping early, you must take proper steps to overcome it.

How can you make yourself sleep early?

1) Analyze yourself:

Just think about yourself to ascertain how you became an addict for sleeping late in the night. Whether you are in the habit of working in your computer in the late hours; whether you are watching late night movies; or you are in the habit of reading your books late in the night; or you are in the habit of looking at and disposing your office files late in the night. Whatever might be your root cause for sleeping late in the night, it is time to stop it or remove it from your daily routine.

2) Reschedule your pattern of working hours at home:

After making a self-analysis of yourself, if you have found out that you are in the habit of sleeping late in the night for anyone of those reasons mentioned above; it is time to reschedule your working hours at home. It may not be very easy for you, if you are working in an office that is far away from your home; so after traveling by a bus, for more than an hour, you can reach your home only by 0730 p.m.Naturally it gets delayed to go to bed. Even then, you can change your pattern of working hours at home. After reaching your home and completing your routine works, still you can go to bed early at 10.00 p.m, provided you have the will power and choose not to do any other work in the late night including watching a late night movie. You have to necessarily cut down your time of relaxing at home and allocate more time for your sleep. If you are in the habit of working in your computer in the late night or looking at your office files just avoid them;if you are in the habit of reading in the late night you should stop it forthwith. You should read your books or look at your files in the early morning, say by 0400 am or 0500 a.m.Moreover, in the early morning your mind will be fresh and you can concentrate much on your work or on your subject.

3) Availing the help of your spouse or your mobile phone to wake you up early in the morning:

If you are in the habit of sleeping late in the night and waking up late in the next day morning, you can always avail the help of your spouse or any other reliable person to wake up you early in the morning; you can also avail the service of your mobile phone for this purpose.

4) Consult a doctor:

If you are suffering from insomnia, a sleeping disorder, it may not be easy for you to sleep early. Then you must consult a doctor and get a proper medical treatment for your insomnia. Regular check up and regular intake of medicines are must to get cured from your sleeping disorder.

5) Have regular physical exercise or work outs in the morning:

You should go for regular morning exercise or walking or jogging or running not less than an hour at least weekly thrice, in the result of which, your body will get tired; naturally you will have an early sleep due to your physical tiredness.

6) Some other methods to have an early sleep:

Having a bath in cold water before going to bed is one of the best methods of going to bed early, because such baths stimulate you to sleep in a natural way

You can choose any one of the above methods to make yourself sleep early. After choosing any one of them, if you sincerely follow it, you can very well overcome your sleeping disorder quite easily.


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Just what I need :D

Very useful, thanks for this Rama.